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My Name Is Earl Thomas

This is what I do
Professional and diligent media ``Voice-Over`` artist specializing in all aspects of commercial voice over recording.
Announcing sporting events - Commercial radio and commercials and other varied voice-over assignments. Recently described as possessing integrity, my experience with public speaking began early in life which created confidence and in turn, resulted in numerous successful voice related employment opportunities.
Video Voice Acting

Add a voice to your video media project. Will do voice-overs for on-screen talent or off-screen voice overs.

Radio Voice Acting

Add carefully scripted voice work to your radio advertisement. Get more calls and clients from your ad with a professional voice actor today!

Live Voice Acting

Whether it is on-air voice talent, or PA system announcing, Earl Thomas can add vibrancy and professionalism to your event.

Call Center Voice

Bring in a voice that people respond to. Earl Thomas has experience voicing all aspects of phone systems, including menu systems and outgoing calls.

Earl Thomas is the VOICE of MEGAMATES USA SINGLES DATING System beginning July 2016.

He is accommodating long delays with patience, and pressing deadlines with efficiency. His work for ServiceHalo was top-notch, and we would use his services again, and recommend them to others without hesitation.
- Nikhil Bhardwaj / Co-Founder ServiceHalo
Earl has a warm voice - one that seems familiar, reliable and comforting. He is also a real professional and accommodating
My ideal client possesses great communication skills & knows the why of their life & business. When talking with them there is great ease because the conversation flows positively as we both know where we are going & what we are saying. When concerns come up they are effectively dealt with & positive solutions are created.
They take great care in drafting an excellent complete finalized script. In taking time with it they cover all their concerns & focus on making it a finalized script with out any changes. If they do change it they do not hesitate to pay for the extra cost.
My revision policy is available upon request. Included in the script are their specific voice production instructions. They know what they want & know how to clearly express it. Which results in a great finalized video production.

They willing write a glowing recommendation on Linkedin because of their 100% satisfaction with the final product of the voiced video. Also they eagerly tell their network of business associates & friends of how the production flowed smoothly. Payment is prompt & they return for more projects time after time.

I will also write a recommendation on Linkedin as I desire for their business to succeed. Currently I have written 48 recommendations & received 42 from satisfied clients. When the production is completed with 100% client satisfaction I will write a FREE Linkedin post to help my client gain greater public exposure & increased profits.

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